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Privacy Policy

The personal information submitted to my website is under the protection of this privacy policy.

The Kind of Personal Information You Submit

You are not compelled to submit any kind of personal information to our website unless you want to post a comment or send us a message. You can access our website easily without having to sign up. We don’t require you to log in at all. We offer free access to our website.

However, if you want share your thoughts, messages, or comments; you’re compelled to share your name and email address. Your comments and messages won’t be submitted without your name and email.

If you don’t clear out your cookies, you will also end up submitting your IP address to us. This happens when you access our website and when you post a comment.

Our Recommendation

Even if we don’t really plan to collect your personal details, we have no control over it because it’s the way it is on the internet. There are certain internet tools and practices that enable you to submit your personal details.

Our recommendation is for you to clear out the cookies in your browser’s setting. This way, the IP address of your computer won’t show up, at least, not right away. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t be recognized at all. It just means that the IP address of your computer is protected by the IP address of your internet service provider. Should we find the need to investigate any violation of our terms, we can still trace the actual IP address with the help of your internet service provider.

Your Personal Details Are Protected

We guarantee that your personal details will never leak or leave our website. Furthermore, they will not be sold or shared with any third party services. We will always make sure your personal details are safe, untouched, and unseen by anyone.

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