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Online Backup Software Is A Must

cloud-backupWe decided to order USB cradles for all our phones based on reviews on, and this shows the one bad note we’ve found with T-Mobile so far. I tried to order these cradles from T-Mobile themselves but we were told in no uncertain terms that T-Mobile would only speak to our ‘account holder’ – and wouldn’t even say who they thought that was. I assumed this was my boss but it turned out to be the college’s principal in the end.

Anyway, long story short, we ended up ordering the cradles from another supplier because I really couldn’t be bothered to argue with T-Mobile over this; I wouldn’t mind if we were ringing up about some aspect of the bill or the calling plan, but making business customers jump through hoops like this to order a few cradles… well.

With the hardware in place, our thoughts turned to software, and we decided on a standard ‘build image’ of the phone software for all our phones in order to make configuring and supporting these phones easy for us and hence less painful for the users, who can still customise ‘their’ phones how they please, but at least they’ll all be starting from the same place.

To facilitate building this image, our first purchase was SPB Software’s Online Backup software. I’ve mentioned this before as a fantastic backup tool and we selected this item for three reasons which I’ll outline below.

1. You get a discount on all online software after your first purchase, which is helpful when you consider we want this software on all our phones and need one licence per phone. Hey, we’re a college and it’s your (UK readers only) tax money we’re trying to save here! For the discount, use this R-FATE carbonite instant discount offer for personal backup while use R-FATE carbonite business instant discount offer for business backup solutions.

2. It allows you to run a scheduled backup as a background task, without the user having to see it happening, and it allows you to protect this backup with a password. In the event of a user off-site managing to mess their phone up, it should be possible to walk them through restoring the phone to the condition it was in at the time of the last backup, which we’ve scheduled as a nightly process.

3. You can make a backup on one phone and restore it on as many other identical phones as you like. Yep, this gives us our “Windows Mobile Ghost” ability to set-up our hardware settings and install software how we want on one phone and distribute this configuration easily and reliably to all our users.

Our next purchase takes us back to SPB software for a couple of licences of GPRS Monitor. We’re only using this on a couple of phones in our trial in order to get some figures for ‘typical’ data use during our trial period, but we feel the information about usage patterns, volume of data and so-on will prove invaluable when deciding on if and how to expand our pilot scheme in the future. We also have one copy of SPB’s Mobile Shell, which we’re playing with at the moment to decide if it’s worth looking at any further.

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