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Terms and Conditions

Every business (big or small) is dependent on technology. Technology has a huge impact on everybody’s productivity. Can you imagine a business without computers?

As businessmen, we know how important technology is. Over the years, we have relied on technology to make our businesses grow. So we are pretty confident that we can share some interesting, if not useful, information with you. We know what works for our businesses.

So we aim to share with you what we have picked up over the years. We have been able to sustain our businesses thanks to hard work and technology. Over the years, we have emerged as savvy businessmen relying on technology to expand our small businesses. If it weren’t for technology, we would have ended up spending a lot on manpower just to keep our businesses alive. From what we have learned over the years, the only way to really keep our businesses afloat is by making use of technology.

We decided that the best way to reach you is through a website. Hence, we set up We think this is a great way to share with you what we have learned over the years about business and technology. But should you not agree with us at some point, you don’t have to be here. You can go find another website that can help you out with your business. But if you do want to stay, keep these terms and conditions in mind.

What Our Website Is About is all about technology and how it can help any kind of business. We will discuss an array of software that we actually use in our businesses. At some point, we will feature the latest technological product that we think can help a lot in the workplace. The point is, our website only deals with technology and how it can help a business. There is nothing else we will discuss but that. So if what you have to share with us isn’t related to what we offer here, you can just quietly exit our website.

Unacceptable Behavior

We will not tolerate unacceptable behavior on our website. Our contact form should only be used to send us messages that are relevant to the topics discussed here. The same thing goes for the comments you intend to share with us. We will not tolerate messages and comments that are offensive in nature. Our website is not a forum for emotional outburst. We do not tolerate unacceptable behavior here and we will not have any second thoughts to initiate an investigation if such behavior persists.

Sharing Our Articles

You cannot use our articles without letting us know about it. You cannot copy and paste any of our articles (or some parts if it) on other websites. So let us know if you want to share our articles.

These terms and conditions will be updated from time to time. It’s your responsibility to check on the updates.

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